USDA  Undersecretary Ted McKinney recently addressed the Phase One trade agreement with China, and where he sees it going into the future.

"Phase One is a two year agreement and even though the federal government just started its new fiscal year on October one, the purchases through and including December 31st is what counts for phase one year one."

McKinney acknowledged while China has made some record-setting purchases as of recent, much of it has centered on just a few major commodities.

"[China made ] a lot of purchases of pork. The soybean movement you can see the price of soybeans incurred a lot of that also moving to China, but the other parts of the world  as well. They are really picking up the poultry purchases and then beef as well."

Going forward McKinney said he would like to see China diversify what is purchased.

"Specialty crops like fruits and vegetables we'd love to see more ethanol sold."

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