When it comes to the Spring Wheat crop, Brad Rippey says things really don't look good right now. The USDA meteorologist said the very dire drought situation across the Northwest and the Northern plains is starting to have a big impacts.


"And it's coming at a time when the crop is heading out and attempting to fill. So it makes for a very difficult growing season.  48% of the U.S. spring wheat crop headed by June 27th that's ahead of average wish is 39% well ahead of last year's 33%.  Sometimes when you see hot dry conditions there's accelerated from develop as the crop tries to head out but at the expense of yield potential."

And Rippey added the winter wheat crop doesn't look much better for northern states.

"Conditions have truly tanked in recent weeks as the drought had worsened and heat has moved in.  Looking at Oregon, for example, 71% of the crop currently rated very poor to poor. Also seeing extremely high numbers in those those very poor to poor categories in states like Sough Dakota at 50% and Washington state at 36%."

Rippey noted 2021 has proven to be a very difficult end of the season for winter wheat growers.

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