For the most part, the sugarbeet harvest across the Pacific Northwest is in the history books.  Randy Grant, President of the Snake River Sugarbeet Growers Association says this year’s harvest was a smooth one, with weather conditions dry and perhaps a little too warm.  He noted that’s a far cry from the weather sugarbeet growers had to contend with to start the 2022 season.


“Dry to begin with then we got the moisture which helped a lot to bolster the reservoir levels a little bit.  We're still plenty dry out here in the northwest and we could use some good moisture this fall, but we were able for the most part to skate by with what we had, water reserves.  And I don't think anybody really had that stress the crop from lack of water anyways through the growing season.”


Grant noted the tonnage may be slightly lower than average, but he says the sugar content is on par with the five-year average. 


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