If you're a fan of sweet cherries, NASS doesn't have the best news to share.

"Not as great a season for the sweet cherries this year," said NASS' Lance Honig.  "In fact, down about 27% from what was produced last year.   Last year was a really good crop, but still that's a pretty sharp drop off from last year.  In fact, that's the lowest production since 2008."

Honig said most of that reduction is thanks to weather here in the west.

"Most of the sweet cherries produced up in Washington and California, really Washington the leading state, they're kind of looking at the season this year in Washington, in particular, really some severe cold weather in the winter and even into the spring," Honig continued.  "That really had an impact on pollination and the fruit set.  Leading to lower numbers there in California, some freezing temperatures, a little bit later on in February and March, kind of having a little bit of an impact on the crop there."

A third major sweet cherry production state, Oregon, also reports a year over year crop decrease.

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