Agritourism continues to grow in both numbers and popularity across the Pacific Northwest.  Whether that’s pick-your-own pumpkins for Halloween, corn mazes, you pick apples, or anything in between, agritourism increases in popularity this time of year.  But, Oregon State University’s Audrey Comerford points out for those considering starting up their own agritourism operation; it’s not for everyone or every operation.  She noted there are a host of issues that a normal business would face, which are made more challenging in the agritourism arena.


“One of the big ones that comes up is land use laws, zoning and permitting, what folks can and cannot do on farmland, based at a state and country level.  There’s always the question of infrastructure, what kind of building, parking lots, restroom facilities, those types of things that need to be added to the farm to have visitors on the property.” 


Other challenges she pointed out include insurance, risk management as well as the liability that comes with operating an agritourism facility.


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