Agriculture, like most industries, has struggled during the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. And while some commodities, have fared worse than others, the same can be said for states, with some states reporting noticeable drops in Ag profits in 2020, and an increase in farm bankruptcies. However, according to Governor Brad Little, while not easy, producers in Idaho have actually weathered this storm well. Little said he marvels at the resiliency he sees across commodities, across the state.


“Individuals, families and businesses about what it taking place since last March in particular, but actually the foundation by which we’ve gotten through the last seven months has been built over a long, long time.”

Little added he doesn’t see that growth mentality slowing down anytime soon.

“The fact of the matter is we just continue to diversify, we continue to add value, we continue to build markets all over the world, we continue to become more efficient in what we do.  To think that the breakeven point on a lot of these commodities is where it is compared to where it used to be is really a testament to what it taking place.”

Little said while much of Idaho is open for business, he acknowledges local governments and local business will make decisions in the coming weeks and months that are best for employees and the community at large. The Governor added Idaho has not spent all CARES money, and what’s not used by the end of the year, it will move into the state’s unemployment fund.

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