On Sunday, India announced it was increasing tariffs of American apples by 20%.  That increase moves the tariffs against U.S. apples up to 70%.


Toni Lynn Adams with the Washington Apple Commission said the increase did not come as a complete surprise, as the tariffs has been postponed by India since August.  She added India is a valued market for Washington apples, and on average the #3 destination for exports.



“India is a really strong Red Delicious market which is Washington’s highest produced variety.  For example in the 2017-18 season, eight million boxes were exported to India and seven million of those boxes were Red Delicious.  So this is going to be really impactful to our Red Delicious growers.”


Adams said this increase will disrupt an already uneasy apple market.  She added its very disappointing for growers to see another barrier to trade.


“It’s been a lot of challenges to growers over the last season, and we are hopeful for a resolution before the start of the upcoming season," Adams added.  "So we are going to see some substantial slowdowns into India but that can be elevating the slowdown that’s happening as we reach the end of the season.”



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