Whether 2023 is going to be a wet year, a dry year or something in between, weed control will be important for Northwest cereal and grain growers.  Eric Scherder, U.S. Crop Protection Launch Leader at Corteva AgriScience, said weed control is an annual challenge, so over the past two or three years, they have launched a variety of products brining in multiple modes and sites of action.


“Whether that’s WideARmatch, which we use definitely out in the PNW as a base for a lot of great tank mix opportunities there to round out that portfolio.  All the way to a product like a Rezuvant which is a more complete program where you got grass control, we're talking about foxtails or ryegrass, different grass species or broad leaves out there.  And so, we've got some new products coming down the pipeline here as well.  So even though we've got a lot in a depth of portfolio that's second to none we've got new stuff coming still.”


Scherder said each field has its own unique issues, so a one size fits all mentality will not work.  He acknowledged that some growers look at skipping a weed control application or two as way to save on the cost of inputs.


“That $7 savings can end up cost you $30, $40, $50 real quick.  So you may save here, but it in turn always cost you in the long run especially on weed control.  And not only is it something you're facing this year, you're going to replacing the seed banks, you're going to face it the next year, three years, four years down the road.  So you're not really helping yourself long term I know it's a tough decision and farmers you know there's always areas that we might be able to tune back, but some areas we just can't we can't sacrifice on.” 


Scherder says as growers look to the heart of the 2023 season, it’s best to use multiple modes of action to address weed control in the long-term.


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