Part of President Biden's recent Executive Order, addressing competition in the marketplace, "we will follow through on the President's directive and begin the process of rule-making on the Packers and Stockyards Act," noted Agriculture Sectary, Tom Vilsack.

He added he USDA plans to revitalize the Stockyards Act through increased transparency, fairness, and competition for producers.

"There's a poultry grow raking system that we believe needs to be tightened up," Vilsack said. "We'll also take a look at clarifying and drawing bright lines on what constitutes unfair practice. And looking at the scope of proof, or the requirement of proof, to be able to establish a violation of packers and stockyards. We're going to essentially take a better look at finding that proof so that is gives producers a real opportunity utilize packers and stockyards if there are unfair practices taking place.

"This is designed to really create a balance between producers and processors to make sure that we have a fair and competitive market."

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