Olympia, WA (Press Release) - Beginning in late December, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will conduct the 2024 Commercial Floriculture Survey with approximately 1,100 producers throughout Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Growers will be asked to provide information on production area, sales of floriculture commodities, and the number of agricultural workers on their operation. Growers can complete the survey online at agcounts.usda.gov, by mail, or phone. If NASS does not receive a grower’s completed questionnaire by January 2, 2024, a representative may reach out to arrange an interview.

“This information helps growers, buyers, government agencies, and others who can use the data to identify state and national trends, make plans, and determine the industry’s impact on farm income and the economy,” said Dennis Koong, Director of the NASS Northwest Regional Field Office. “By participating in the survey, floriculture growers ensure that NASS can provide accurate data on floriculture production, thereby enabling USDA and the industry to be more responsive to domestic and international markets and consumer needs.”

This floriculture survey is a census of commercial floriculture operations that annually produce and sell at least $10,000 worth of fresh cut flowers, potted flowering plants, foliage plants, annual bedding and garden plants, herbaceous perennials, cut cultivated florist greens, propagative floriculture material and unfinished plants.

The survey includes all 50 states, with the top 28 published individually and the remaining states combined into an “other states” total. In accordance with federal law, survey responses are kept confidential. Survey data will be available in aggregate form only to ensure that no individual producer or operation can be identified. NASS will publish the survey data May 16, 2024, in its Quick Stats database only at quickstats.nass.usda.gov. Find previous Floriculture Crops reports at nass.usda.gov/go/floriculture.

For more information on NASS surveys and reports, call the NASS Northwest Regional Field Office at 1-800-435-5883.

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