The USDA has released its weekly crop progress and condition report for the Pacific Northwest. This week's report covers November 6 through November 12, 2023.

Washington Faces More Wet Weather as Fall Crops are Seeded

Fieldwork productivity in Washington fell to 3.6 suitable days (down from last week's 4.1 days). Muddy fields made work difficult in Western Washington, while rain showers also hit Central Washington. Fall seeded crops in Yakima County and Northeast Washington were doing well, while Central and Southeast Washington completed their fall planting. Cattle grazed with supplemental hay.

Mild Temperatures and Rain in Oregon; Winter Wheat Thriving

Oregon gained some fieldwork productivity (5.5 days, up from 5.2 last week), due to a mild weather week with some rain across the state. Clatsop and Tillamook Counties had the worst of the rain, making field work difficult; Columbia, Multnomah, Malheur, and Washington Counties also reported wet conditions. Winter wheat stands were reported in good condition in Umatilla County. Sugarbeet harvest was complete in Malheur County. Some corn fields are still waiting harvest, and winter wheat is continuing to germinate.

Warmth in Idaho Leads to Good Harvesting Conditions

Idaho's working days dropped to 2.9 suitable days (from 4.2 last week), as temperatures were average to above average. Corn and sugarbeet harvests continued and near completion.

Climate Maps Showing Current Departure From 1991-2020 Averages

A map of the Pacific Northwest region, showing the difference between the past month's accumulated precipitation and the average between 1990-2020.
A map of the Pacific Northwest region, showing the difference between the past month's average temperature and the average between 1990-2020.

Full details of soil and crop conditions can be read in the official USDA report.

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