When the coronavirus pandemic started back in March, some business shutdown in the name of stopping the spread of the virus. However, what about those businesses that remained open during the heart of the spread to serve the needs of the Ag community? Chuck Vannoy at Coleman Oil said as soon as COVID-19 started to spread across the Northwest, they gathered as a group to determine what measures needed to be taken

“Because our customers mean everything to us, so we take whatever measure necessary to make sure that we create a very safe environment whether it’s retail, or whether it’s at our card lock facility.”

Vannoy said some of their safety steps are very obvious to the customer, such as efforts we’ve become accustomed to in 2020, such as employees wearing masks, Plexiglas at cash registers. However, he pointed out the work didn’t end there; Coleman Oil hired an entire staff whose sole purpose is to clean card locks constantly.

“They’re hitting pump handles, they’re hitting keyboards, they’re hitting restrooms, and we have almost 100 card locks so that’s no minor undertaking, but that’s there completely dedicated to try and keep those facilities as sanitized as humanly possible.”

Vannoy added they’ve put their coronavirus game-plan on their Website.

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