The 95th annual Oregon FFA state convention gets underway Thursday at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond.  Ontario’s Kinsley Kemble, this year’s Oregon FFA Vice President said an estimated 3,000 members and guests will be in attendance over the next three days as the convention returns to normal post-pandemic.


“This year we were able to have all of our in-person contests that we normally would have normally had.  So, we also were able to do all of our in-person classroom visits which is something that hasn't been able to happen in a couple of years.  So, that was another super cool thing.  We are definitely coming back from COVID.  Last year, I think, was a good start and then this year we're hoping to grow from there.”


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She said this year’s convention will include six sessions, a variety of workshops, leadership development events, as well as visits from state officers from across the U.S.  Kemble noted everyone associated with FFA is extremely excited, adding State convention is an experience like no other.


“You are surrounded by 3,000 people that want you to succeed in whatever your plans are.  It is an area where most people have a common interest in agriculture, so you can always find common ground with someone.  And it's also an amazing place to make connections and build friendships.  FAA a lot of the time is thought of ‘oh it's just agriculture’ but it's agriculture and leadership and friendships and travel and so much more.”


Click Here to learn more about this year’s State convention.


The 95th annual Oregon FFA convention runs through Sunday the 19th.


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