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The Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announce a new shellfish closure.

Razor clam harvesting has closed from Cape Blanco (north of Port Orford) to the California border. Levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid have risen above the closure limit. Razor clam harvesting remains closed from Tillamook Head (just south of Seaside) to Seal Rock (north of Waldport) for high levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid.

Razor clam harvesting is open from the Washington border to Tillamook Head and is open from Seal Rock to Cape Blanco.

Crab, mussel and bay clam harvesting are open along the entire Oregon coast. Oregon Department of Agriculture will continue to test for shellfish toxins twice per month, as tides and weather permit. Reopening an area closed for biotoxins requires two consecutive tests with results below the closure limit. Contact Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for recreational license requirements, permits, rules and limits.

For more information call Oregon Department of Agriculture’s (ODA) shellfish biotoxin safety hotline at (800) 448-2474, the Food Safety Division at (503) 986-4720, or visit the ODA recreational shellfish biotoxin closures webpage.

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