Back in November, University of Idaho Extension worked with Si-Ellen Farms to provide not only a vaccination clinic to its Jerome dairy, but also a health fair.  During that health fair, workers got a break from their daily routines, enjoyed snacks, drinks, a free lunch, as well as medical attention.  Lindsey McConnell-Soong, runs the EXCITE Program, which made the health fair a possibility.  She said healthy employees are a benefit in a variety of ways.


"Certainly we want a healthy workforce because that impacts the overall production and sustainability of our ag businesses that have that ripple effect so far out into our community, and our society, even nationally.”


November’s event marked 19 clinics that UI Extension’s EXCITE team has hosted.  McConnell-Soong said these remote clinics allow for one-on-one relationships which proves to be beneficial down the road.


“Having that relationship being built in a in a space of non-judgment, openness, just having a conversation with your neighbor, really.  And having that opportunity really does really does make a big difference.  Folks can't just show up and expect everybody to come in and get a shot in their arm.  Some people need to have a conversation and connect with people and have their concerns addressed and trust that they're getting good information.”


More than 120 Si-Ellen employees participated in the November clinic.  McConnell-Soong says they are looking at scheduling health clinics like this into the future.


If you are an Idaho ag business that would like to host a health clinic put on by EXCITE, contact University of Idaho Extension.


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