Darigold, Inc., a Northwest dairy cooperative, has launched a new brand of dairy-based coffee creamer, named Belle™.

Belle features five simple ingredients and real cream

Belle Creamers are made with only five ingredients: milk, cream, liquid sugar, flavor, and lactase enzyme. They include real dairy cream with no oil or fillers, and are made lactose free to be accessible to those with dairy intolerance.

Belle launches with four flavors: Vanilla, Sweet Cream, Caramel, and Hazelnut Latte. It is available at many major grocers; exact locations can be found through Belle's location app.

Darigold aims to compete with premium coffee creamers

In a press release, Sam Cohen, head of marketing at Darigold, stated:

Like margarine, most common coffee creamers today are made with vegetable oils, not real cream, and tend to have as many as 10 or more ingredients. Belle Creamers are made with just five simple ingredients, including real cream and natural flavors, making them actual coffee cream rather than coffee oilers.

"Coffee whiteners" - which include oil-based creamers, half and half, and plant-based creamers - are a $6 billion industry. Darigold is looking to target an under-represented market, with a focus on simple ingredients and real dairy.

Darigold expanding its market reach

Darigold's business is continuing to expand, and the addition of Belle Creamers as a product is just one part of the strategy. The company has also recently upgraded a production facility in Boise, and is building a new plant in Central Washington.

"Innovative products like Belle are one of the ways we plan to reinvigorate our 100-year-old brand and build more value for our farmer-owners," said Dan Hofmeister, president of Darigold's business to consumer division. "That is how we are growing our business and strengthening our foundation for the next 100 years."

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