The University of Idaho has announced it will begin its 7th season of "Ag Talk Tuesday" in 2024, with the first session to be held in May.

Ag Talk Tuesday is a series of live Zoom sessions focused on crops in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. After updates on current conditions, the session shifts to a presentation of a featured topic with guest speakers, offering in-depth looks at ag-related topics.

This year's current (draft) agenda for Ag Talk Tuesday:

  • May 7: Water Update (Keith Esplin, Eastern Idaho Water Rights Coalition) and Ag Outlook (Josh Huff, Ag West Farm Credit)
  • May 21: Soil arthropods and soil health: Belowground partners in PNW wheat systems (Dane Elquist and Sanford Eigenbrode*, University of Idaho) (*presenter)
  • June 4: To be confirmed
  • June 18: Family farms and corporate farms - what is the Idaho landscape? (Brett Wilder, University of Idaho)
  • July 2: Entomology at Parma REC (Dr. Armando Falcon-Brindis, University of Idaho)
  • July 16: Nematodes (Dr. Pooria Ensafi, University of Idaho)
  • Aug 6: Annual alfalfa as a source of nitrogen for subsequent small grain crops (Reed Findlay*, Dr. Jared Spackman, Joseph Sagers, Justin Hatch, Tom Jacobsen, Jared Gibbons; University of Idaho) (*presenter)
  • Aug 20: Idaho crop profitability outlook (Dr. Pat Hatzenbuehler, University of Idaho)

Sessions are held every first and third Tuesday from May through August, starting at 11 am Mountain Time and usually ending within an hour.

Registration is required and is available on the Ag Talk website.

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