The Department of Agriculture is promoting the funding included in the Inflation Reduction Act for USDA conservation programs.  The legislation will deliver $19.5 billion in new conservation funding to support climate smart agriculture.


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, "President Biden and Congress have taken an important, historic step towards easing the burden of inflation on the American public and meeting the moment on climate."


The funding will bolster the new steps that USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service announced Monday to improve opportunities for nutrient management.  NRCS will target funding, increase program flexibilities, and launch a new outreach campaign to promote nutrient management's economic benefits and expand partnerships to develop nutrient management plans.  This, Vilsack noted, is part of USDA's broader effort to address future fertilizer availability and cost challenges for U.S. producers. Through USDA’s conservation programs, farmers will have streamlined opportunities to improve their nutrient management planning, which provides conservation benefits while mitigating the impacts of supply chain disruptions and increased input costs.


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