Who doesn't like cherry pie with their 4th of July celebrations.  And it looks like tart cherries, the main ingredient, will be in full supply this summer.  NASS' Lance Honig says from a production perspective, when it comes to the 2018 crop, and in particular the far and away largest cherry-producing state, Michigan.


"We're looking at 353 million pounds this year, that is a 48% increase over last year's crop. Last year's crop was not good. We had some freeze problems up in Michigan, Michigan is the largest-producing state for the tart cherries. We don't have those problems this year, and as a results, we're looking at the largest tart cherry crop since 2009."


And Hoenig said Michigan's big production boost year over year was a result of favorable growing conditions, including higher temperatures, which promoted a quicker blooming period late in the spring.


"But when you compare to last year and seeing that big increase, last year a great example, of how a couple of weather events can really mess things up for you."



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