Last week we told you the 2022 Washington apple crop is expected to be over 11% smaller than last year’s harvest.  This year’s crop is anticipated to be the smallest for the Evergreen state since 2015.  But despite that drop, total U.S. apple production is up this year.


“Overall, we’re looking at a larger apple crop this season compared to last year, about 10.1 billion pounds expected to be produced this year, that’s 2.7% more than last season,” said NASS’ Lance Honig.


Honig noted while Washington’s apple crop was stunted by cold, wet, windy weather in April and May.


“We’re more than making that up with other states.  Michigan having a big rebound from last year.  They’re a big producer, and a huge increase there, after some problems last year.”


New York meanwhile is reporting near record yields.


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