When it comes to the meat production and price forecast for the month of February, USDA World Ag Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski says things are pretty straight forward.  He noted things are looking up when it comes to beef production and price.


“Slaughtering more cattle but, at a little bit lighter weight.  The result was a fairly modest increase in beef production.  We raised our steer price $0.75 cwt, currently forecast at $159 cwt.  That would be record high.”


Meanwhile, things are looking down when it comes to pork and poultry production and prices.


“Pork we lowered it to 40 million pounds and that reflects lower carcass weights for pork. We lowered our hog price forecast by $1.50 cwt. We lowered our boiler production forecast 200 million pounds.  Relatively bigger change for boilers than for the other main protein order boiler price forecast two cents a pound at entirely reflects lower prices in the first half of the year,” Jekanowski noted.


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