The global pandemic has already brought with it a long list challenges for the Washington Ag community, and as the year begins to close another challenge has started to develop. Obtaining pesticide recertification credits has become a challenging issue for many growers across the Evergreen State. WSU Small Grains Extension Scientist Drew Lyon said there will be few opportunities for in-person recertification classes this year, including classes conducted by state Department of Agriculture.


"You get five years to get your 40 credits. Say you don't get as many as you would've liked this year, but you're license doesn't expire until 2021 or 2022, you can play catch-up next year, so I wouldn't get into a panic," said Lyon. "But if this is the end of your five year cycle and you're still short, what happens if you don't get them is you lose your license, and you need to register and take a new licensing exam to get your new license back."

Lyon added for those in a pinch, virtual meetings are being held through the rest of the year through several entities including WSU, WSDA, and the Far West Agricultural Business Association, among others.

"Check your license. You can go to the Washington State Department of Agriculture website and check in and see where you stand with credits. There's a WSDA license search where you can go in and find that information. If you look like you're going to need these credits by the end of the year, check out either the WSDA pesticide licensing website or the WSU pesticide education website and go get your credits."

For more information go to: WSDA’s Website or WSU's Website

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