Washington State exports a long list of products like frozen French fries, fish, and seafood, along with wheat, apples, and dairy. They're also packaged foods. To help those in the ag and food industry to become export-ready, the Washington State Department of Agriculture continues to offer webinars.

Julie Johnson, an international trade specialist with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, says, "30% of all Washington-grown food and ag products are exported. 90% of our wheat, 70% potatoes, 30% apples and 25% cherries."

Johnson says the state's ag department is focused on helping mainly small to medium-sized suppliers with fresh and processed exports, noting that 98% of exporters are small businesses.  The state can help match sellers with buyers.

If we were to receive a trade lead, we can search our database and send that to the trade lead. They come from our in-market reps. They come from the agricultural trade offices. And then part of our work is really helping you find qualified buyers, agents and distributors.

For more information about becoming export ready, you can go to the Washington State Department of Agriculture website

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