The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) is seeking responses from producers in a critical climate resilience survey.

Washington's climate resilience plan

WSDA, in partnership with Washington State University (WSU), is working on an 18-month climate resilience planning process. The Climate Resilience Plan will offer insights on recent climate science, share new resources, and spotlight vulnerabilities and opportunities unique to producers in the Pacific Northwest.

WSDA comments: "We intend for this work to be informed by the needs and experiences of Washington producers. It is essential that your voice is heard."

Climate Resilience Producer Survey available until February 23

Washington is seeking survey answers from producers in all areas and operations across the state, regardless of business size. This information will help the WSDA better understand the impacts of climate change, resources, and current agricultural needs in the state. It will be used to help communicate these issues to stakeholders and policymakers, and to build future programs for climate resilience in agriculture.

The image below offers a scannable QR code that will take producers directly to the anonymous survey, available in English and Spanish. You can also access the survey through this link. Participants will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 VISA gift card.

Washington State Department of Agriculture
Washington State Department of Agriculture


Why Washington's agricultural industry matters

Agriculture is a critical part of Washington, from the state level (where agriculture generates $12.8 billion per year) to communities across the state that rely on agriculture for food and livelihoods.

Because of that, Washington state and its farmers must be constantly adapting to the changes in weather, climate, and other patterns that affect production. Threats such as invasive pests, disease, drought, and extreme weather can challenge production and in turn, the lives of every day people in the state.

WSDA hopes to work with farmers to "lead the way in building a more economically viable and climate-resilient future."

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