Whether you’re a business or a household, the pandemic has been a trying and difficult time for many financially. And with a host of new programs and options to help you through these challenging times, it’s enough to make your head swim. Andy Stirling, Senior Vice President and Numerica, said they have a host of new tools allowing customers contactless banking, educational opportunities when it comes to creating a budget, establishing an emergency fund, maintaining credit and much more.

He noted if you are facing challenges, great or small, it’s important to reach out to your financial institution and seek help.

“Because we have all of these great things, I have contacts at other banks and credit unions in town and they have a lot of these things as well.  These are really trying times for people and the one thing that they have to remember is that they have resources.  They do have places they can turn for help.”

As of last month, Numerica helped over 900 small business member apply for over $85 million in Paycheck Protection Program funding.

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