Researchers at UC Davis are studying the role microbes play in our diets, and if we should increase our consumption of lives microorganisms.  UC Davis Professor Maria Marco said microbes are found naturally in fruits, vegetables, yoghurt and fresh fermented foods and Americans do not do a good job incorporating these things in their daily diet.


“And what we’re finding so far is these microbes can help protect us against inflammation, and that helps our immune system, helps our metabolism, so there’s really no harm in eating these kind of foods in our diet, and we actually think they can make it healthier.”


Marco says research shows 20% of children and 26% of adults typically consume foods with high levels of live microorganisms in their diet.  Marco said while they understand that microbes help with digestion, and promote a better immunity, many questions remain for their research to determine.


“So what’s were looking to understand is whether consuming microbes in our foods actually helps build microbes in our intestines and help us do better.”


Marco said while their study shows adults and children are not consuming enough microbes in their diet, consumption of these kids of foods have increased over the last two decades, meaning the trend is going in the right direction.



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