It may have taken a little while to get here, but wildfire season has descended upon the Pacific Northwest.  A hand full of fires are burning across the region, with the largest taking place in the mountains of central Idaho.  USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey said thanks to several dry years, the next two months could be very active.
"It is a big concern that we could see very fast developing and dangerous wildfires.  And certainly, that's been happening over the past couple of weeks in northern California, the northern Great Basin and the Northwest."
And Rippey worries things will get worse before they get better.
"We're really not seeing any sign of this pattern breaking.  We have brought it a little cooler weather this week, but the problem is we continue to see the gusty winds and occasional dry lightning trikes, and both of those elements adding to the wildfire threat.  Throw in a little bit of cured fuels from the recent hot dry spell, grasses, brush, along with some of the older fuels such as dead or drying trees from multiyear drought, and we do have ingredients in place for a significant late summer wildfire season across the Northwest."
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