Last month, Burley-based Redox provided the University of Idaho a $500,000 gift for the school’s Central for Agriculture, Food and the Environment project in the south-central portion of the state.  Darin Moon, CEO of Redox said what attracted him to the CAFE is that the College of Agricultural Life Sciences plans to look at the entire dairy system.


“They're growing the crop, they're going to understand how nutrients move in the soil how water moves in the soil, they're growing the crop they're feeding that crop to cows, they're going to analyze how that feed moves through cattle what the what the quality of milk is or isn't based on feed.  And then how do we return the offset of that which is the manure, etc. back to the farm and make it a complete process that is actually positive environmentally not damaging environmentally.”


Moon was quick to point out that he’s not suggesting that agriculture is doing something wrong currently, but he believes the industry should always strive to do things better.  He added CAFE will help future agricultural viability, ensuring food security for generations to come.


“How do we make this practical and the fact that this is a research farm not a research project it's a research farm run practically for profit and for production that's where I think this can change agriculture.” 


Idaho’s $45 million CAFE project, when completed, will be the nation’s largest research dairy, with many other components.



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