It’s estimated that grain growers lose roughly $2.5 billion per year, nationwide, because of a lack of insect control during storage. To help Central Life Sciences has a host of products that can help Pacific Northwest growers fight off those pests. Richard Alford, Director of Sales Specialty at CLS, said the importance of storage is often overlooked. He said producers shouldn’t look at the bin as part of the supply chain, but rather as a bank.


“So when I want to go withdraw from the bank do I get to withdraw everything I put in, or is the bank going to keep part of it?  And the bugs take away what the bank would keep.  It’s not interest, it’s just giving away money.  So, I want to be able to withdraw all of my money from the bank, I want to sell all of my grain for top price, and the healthier that grain is, no IDKs, no shrinkage, now I’m going to get the full market potential for my grain.”

Alford noted CLS offers a wide variety of Insect Growth Regulators, such as Diacon IGR, Centynal EC Insecticide and more. And the beauty of their products Alford noted, they are CODEX approved.

“That’s the international approval for MRLs.  And the dosage that we recommend that we need is going to be 1/5 or a half of what is accepted abroad.  So, our dosage rates are well below what’s being tested for when it’s exported.”

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