According to NASS, potato stocks across the Pacific Northwest dropped year over year.

As of June 1st, potato stocks in Idaho totaled 21.0 million cwt.  Disappearance of the Idaho crop to date was 108 million cwt.

Potato stocks in Oregon totaled 3.00 million cwt.  Disappearance to date was 23.4 million cwt.

In Washington, June 1st potato stocks totaled 10.5 million cwt.  Disappearance to date totaled 82.8 million cwt.

Nationally, the major potato States held 54.0 million cwt in storage on June 1, 2022, down 4% from June 1st, 2021.  Potatoes in storage accounted for 13% of the States' 2021 production, the same as a year earlier.  The indicated potato disappearance, at 356 million cwt, was down 2% from the same period last year.  Season to date shrink and loss, at 23.2 million cwt, was 5% higher than the same time last year.

NASS also noted that processors in Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon used 71.7 million cwt. of potatoes for the season, down 2% from June 1.  In Washington and other Oregon counties, 85.0 million cwt of potatoes had been used by processors for the season, up 9% from the previous year.

Processors in the eight States used 195 million cwt of potatoes for the season, up 4% from June 2021.

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