Congressman Simpson, who is co-chair of the Potato Caucus, is leading efforts with a congressional letter to USDA and Department of Health and Human Services opposing reclassifying potatoes as a non-vegetable. The government is seriously considering making the changes for new dietary guidelines.

Idaho Farm Bureau President Brian Searle reacts, "Being a potato grower myself, I think it's totally ridiculous."

In fact, Searle says the potato is a proven nutritious vegetable. Reclassifying it would have a negative impact on the industry.

And I ask the question of why, why would anyone even consider it? I don't even see any reason to even go there when you've got a solid vegetable for decades and proven that way.

Congressman Simpson and other congressional members urge avoiding reclassifying potatoes as a grain or even allowing substitution between potatoes and grains since they believe this action would call the scientific credibility of the entire process into question.

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