One company’s vision to positively impact a more holistic and wholesome food system has led them to America’s heartland.

In March 2023, Scratch and Peck Feeds, an organic animal feed manufacturer located in Burlington, WA, purchased a 44,611 square foot mill located at 425 W 39th Street South in Sioux City and took on the ambitious project of retrofitting the mill for production and distribution of organic poultry and livestock feeds and supplements.

Scratch & Peck Feed Nebraska Mill Courtesy: Scratch & Peck Feed
Scratch & Peck Feed Nebraska Mill
Courtesy: Scratch & Peck Feeds

The mill, built in 1966 and last renovated in 2008, includes a thirteen-story feed tower, drive-through receiving, and load-out buildings. According to Steve Reed, Vice President of Operations, “The capacity at this mill, including warehouse space, offers growth potential to more than eight times our current capacity.”

The Nebraska mill sits within a region of family-run organic farms. “We are excited to engage with them on the next part of our journey,” Reed said, noting that the company looks forward to building new partnerships that align with Scratch and Peck’s core values of animal welfare, holistic farming practices, and quality organic food.

This second production site, centralized within the United States, will also provide more efficient distribution of Scratch and Peck products to America’s population centers. CEO Rich Fowles notes that “the additional capacity and scale will increase our ability to lead the industry with innovation that provides healthier feed while reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.”

The company anticipates production and distribution from the Nebraska mill will begin in early 2024. Production and distribution will continue at its flagship location in Washington State.

“At Scratch and Peck Feeds, we have been working towards this lofty aspiration by expanding into new geographies and partnering with aligned suppliers,” Fowles added. “We are committed to our pioneer roots while we provide continued leadership towards a very bright future in agriculture.”

Source: Scratch & Peck Feeds

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