It should come as no surprise that late summer features some of the lowest national pasture and rangeland conditions on an annual basis.  However, USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey pointed out things are a little worse this year compared to a "normal year'.  When it comes to the most recent numbers.


"We see our very poor to poor ratings for rangeland and pastures this week at 52%, that is another increase from last week and that has been the trend in recent weeks as we've seen drier than normal conditions.  In terms of good to excellent ratings, the national number is just 21% and that is also a decrease from last week as we continue to see those declining overall rangeland and pasture conditions."


Much of the North and East are holding well with good to excellent pasture and rangeland conditions.


"[However] parts of the Northeast as well as the Western and Central United States continue to really struggle keeping that National number above 50% this week."


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