With the exception of Idaho, year-over-year milk production across the PNW has decreased.


According to NASS, on August 1st, milk production in the Gem state was up 2.5% from 2021.  Dairies across Idaho produced nearly 1.5 billion pounds of milk, up from the just over 1.4 billion pounds produced last year.  When it comes to Oregon, August 1st production increased 0.5% this year, up from 219 million pounds in 2021 to 220 million pounds this year.  Washington however reported a 4.2% drop in milk production, falling from 542 million pounds last year to 519 million pounds in 2022.


The 24-state average reported a 1.8% year over year increase in milk production during the same time period.


When it comes to September 1st numbers, Idaho’s milk production increased 2.4% from 1.3 billion pounds to just under 1.4 billion.  Oregon reported a 0.9% drop in production, from 214 million pounds in 2021 to 212 million pounds this year.  And Washington, once again, reported a production drop, with 515 million pounds of milk reported September 1st of this year, down 1.2% from the 521 million pounds reported September 1st 2021.


The 24-states reported a 1.6% increase in milk production to start the month of September.


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