The National Farmers Union is hosting their annual fall legislative fly-in this week, but thanks to the pandemic, the event has moved on-line. NFU President Rob Larew said farmers are facing a long list of challenges in 2020.


“Between low commodity prices, corporate control of the food industry, chronic overproduction, global trade disputes, underfunded infrastructure, and inadequate access to broadband internet, family farmers and rural communities have had a tough go of it for the last several years. Now, the coronavirus pandemic and climate change-related disasters have made many of those problems worse while also creating new ones.”

Larew added Farmers Union members won’t just be highlighting the challenges before they industry. He noted they will also propose “sensible legislative solutions” to build a better, more equitable, and more resilient food system for everyone.

Larew added fly-in participants will build on NFU’s long history of grassroots advocacy.

“There’s nothing I look forward to more than seeing Farmers Union members every year at fly-in. We will really miss having everyone here in person, but thanks to modern technology, they will still have this crucial opportunity to shape stronger agricultural policy from the ground up.”

NFU will kicks off this week’s event with both a USDA briefing and a Congressional briefing.

Throughout the week, participants will join small-group meetings with congressional offices, a panel discussion on the USPS, and a virtual social gathering.

Click Here to learn more about this week's fly-in.

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