According to NASS, potato stocks across the Northwest, as of February 1st, totaled 133.8 million hundredweight.  In Washington, potato stocks totaled 46.5 million cwt.  Disappearance to date totaled 56.6 million cwt.  In Oregon, potato stocks totaled 14.3 million cwt to start the month.  Disappearance to date was 10.8 million cwt.  Idaho potato stocks as of February 1st, totaled 73.0 million cwt.  Disappearance of the Idaho crop to date was 57.9 million cwt.


Nationally, the 13 major potato States held 204 million cwt of potatoes in storage February 1st.  Potatoes in storage accounted for 48% of the 2019 fall storage States' production, compared to 51% from previous year. Potato disappearance, at 219 million cwt, was down 4% from February 1st for comparable states. Season-to-date shrink and loss, at 16.5 million cwt, was 6% higher than 2019.






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