It's summer, and one of the best snacks out there, whether its for your holiday weekend, or just because, is sweet cherries.  And while this year's crop is below what we saw this time last year, NASS' Lance Honig is there will will be enough cherries to go around.

"Production there expected 334,000 tons. That is down 5.7% from what was actually produced last year, but if you look back over really the last 10 seasons or more, that's a pretty normal production level. We did spike a couple of years ago and  occasionally you can get an outstanding crop. But overall the 334,000 tons is what I would call a very normal size crop for this year."

Honig added the national drop is due mainly to this year's production drop right here in Washington.

"They did have some freezing temperatures a little bit earlier in the season that raised a little bit of concern but overall the crop in pretty good shape."

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