According to NASS, we can expect to have less tart cherries this season.

"The tart cherry crop 197 million pounds expected to be produced this year and that's down 24.8% from what was produced last year," said NASS' Lance Hoenig. He added the reduced tart cherry production nationwide, stems from the decrease in the crop in Michigan, the largest tart cherry producing state.

"Freezing temperatures that's the biggest challenge we tend to run in to in the wrong time of the year and we saw some of that in particular in Michigan earlier this season so the tart cherries in the impact seems to be a little bit substantial."

Yet Hoenig adds, it wasn't just Michigan that suffered a year over year decline in crop production.

"Utah a really big player in that crop as well,"

With decreased production in Michigan and Utah this year offsetting a significant production increase in New York state.

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