When it comes to the ongoing conversation of climate change, the impact agriculture has, and what the future of the industry looks like, Cameron Mulrony said it's vital that producers share how cattle benefit the climate.  The Vice President of the Idaho Cattle Association pointed out the non-farming community needs to know that the beef industry is a good guy when it comes to the climate conversation.


"We're doing a lot of net positives for the environment, net positives for the nation, and really feeding the world.  And to continue to do that and be able to make sure people understand that as the general public gets more and more generations away from the land, there are things we take for granted that those people don't know and we have to make sure that we're getting that message out to them."


Mulrony noted with more and more Americans, and Idahoans having little or no connection to the farm it's important to share the carbon cycle and the important roll livestock plays.  He added consumers need to learn that the grazing industry plays a significant role when it comes to address climate change and wildfires.  But, again, he stressed that everyone, from commodity group leadership to ranch employees need to share the positive news.


"And even though I feel it is part of the ICA's mission and our national partners to send that message it needs to be told at every level."


Visit the ICA’s Website, for more on resources to help in advocacy efforts.


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