According to NASS, the number of cows in Idaho on January 1st increased from 2020’s numbers, while both Washington and Oregon reported drops.

Cow/calf numbers in Oregon hit 1.25 million head on January 1st, a drop of 30,000 head from last year, and off from the 1.31 million reported in 2019. When it comes to beef cattle, 525,000 were reported to start the year across Oregon while dairy cows hit 125,000; both numbers were a year over year decrease.

In Idaho, the herd size returned to 2.5 million, an increase of 30,000 head from last year, and returning to the high water mark of 2019. Meanwhile 474,000 beef cows called Idaho home on January 1st, while 646,000 dairy cattle were reported.

In Washington, the cow/calf herd topped out at 1.14 million head on January 1st, a year-over-year drop of 60,000 head; of those, 279,000 were dairy cows.

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