Like most business owners, passion for work get strong badge but skills are common characteristics for successful dairy operators.  University of Minnesota’s Jim Salfer said most of operators are successful farmers with pretty flexible business plans and they think about long- and short-range goals.  He noted, after developing an action plan to reach stated goals for the success of their dairy farm.


“Typically, annually they'll get together with their group of trusted advisors and say this is how we did this year based on our goals what do you guys see coming down the road tell us what you think.”


Likewise, Salfer noted, when it comes to hiring employees.


“These really good farmers say what are my weaknesses and I'm going to hire a team of people around me that are different than i am with a really different set of skill sets and a different mindset."


Salfter added successful dairy farmers tend to prioritize organization, keep good records and are proactive about getting work done on time.


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