Long, hot, summer days in the tractor cab are tiring and producers need machines build for efficiency and comfort. Case IH Marketing Manager J.E. Cadel said reducing operator fatigue is one way to make a days’ worth of work more comfortable.

“Optimal productivity starts with selecting the right transmission for the job and reducing operator fatigue is an important consideration. The Case IH Maxxum tractor offers three different transmissions, all with features that can help reduce operator fatigue.”

Cadle said the right transmission can help reduce fatigue.

“Operator fatigue will decrease if you have a transmission that will do more of the work for you or even anticipate your needs or what you need to do next. Best in class options out there are the continuously variable transmissions, they're best at ensuring peak efficiency at all times, especially if producers are performing loader work, they're really excellent on the road. Case IH Maxxum has a CVXDrive continuously variable transmission. It’ss a great transmission for just about any operation you have.”

Cadle added other options to consider are clutchless braking or even clutchless shifting.

"Another feature to look for is if the transmission has clutchless braking, which is great for baling hay when you're making frequent stops, is part of our ActiveDrive 8 Dual Clutch Transmission, it allows you to stop the tractor by just simply hitting the brake pedals without using the clutch pedal. If you're looking for maybe a little more simpler operation, clutchless shifting is also an option. So, our most popular transmission, the ActiveDrive 4 semi-powershift transmission, still has several gears that you can shift through without using the clutch pedal.”

He added you ca learn more by contacting your local Case IH dealer.

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