Soil compaction is an important topic to consider after the rush of the fall harvest.  Grayson Catania with Case IH, said soil compaction is a leading cause of crop yield reduction.


“Compacted soil really acts like a brick underneath the surface of your fields.  It's likely going to stunt your root growth and prevent that water and air from flowing throughout the soil.  Healthy soil, on the other hand, is acting like a sponge for your crop.  It's letting excess water drain through and providing moisture for the plants to rely on during those dry times.  Good air and water flow underneath the soil is key to maximizing crop yield.  And, in addition to getting the proper nutrients, those plant roots need the depth to grow down and anchor themselves.”


Catania said Case IH Tiger Points will help farmers alleviate compaction this fall.


“After harvest, growers should prioritize breaking up this compaction layer beneath the surface so that when the spring comes, the soil is primed for field prep and planting. And so, to maximize efficiency, you'll want these Case IH Tiger Points that are designed to be added to your Case IH Ecolo Tiger 875.  These Tiger Points do a lift, twist, and roll action to relocate the soil away from the new furrow and prevent that re-compaction from happening.” 


Catania pointed out growers will get back from their fields what they put into it.


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