“The outlook is bright, is hopeful," said Ag secretary Tom Vilsack at last week’s USDA Outlook Forum, telling those in attendance that agriculture is at a pivotal point of being able to make things much better for small and mid-sized producers and rural communities.


“The point of this is that we now don't have just two or three ways for farmers to make money this is a opportunity for us to create now 5, 6, 7 additional ways for farmers to profit,” Vilsack continued.


He said that includes producing climate smart products, generating power from methane, new products from ag waste and much more.  The Secretary says the likely result eventually, "Higher farm income more rural jobs better soil health pure water quality and a stronger sense of community.”


Vilsack added these grand plans hinge whether or not USDA has a programs moving forward that help a few or an approach that helps the many.


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