Canola acreage continued to grow in 2020 across the Northwest. Pacific Northwest Canola Association Executive Director Karen Sowers says each of the four states reported year-over year growth, from an over 4% increase in Oregon to Washington’s 24% jump.


"We'd like to think that people are seeing the benefits of the canola in their own rotation. It benefits the next crop, whatever that crop may be. It's a flexible crop. The market is really good right now for canola. From all points I think it's going to continue to be that way, [either] sustain or improve even more. It's a huge thing that there's a local processor in Washington State in Warden, WA."

Sowers noted the Pacific Northwest is the only region in North America that grows both spring and winter canola, and spring and winter presales are indicating more increases in canola acreage. Speaking of the PNWCA, they’ll soon host their virtual canola workshop February 9th and 10th.

"There will be panels of growers talking about what all goes into starting to grow canola and what decisions have they made after several years of growing canola. Whether that is with residue management, silo management, fertilizing, or economics and how does that play into their decision making. Then we'll have updates from the four universities [University of Idaho, Oregon State, Washington State, and Montana State] about what they've got going for canola research in 2021, and also the results of what they've been doing to date."

To learn more about the upcoming workshop, PNWCA's Website.

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