According to the Centers for Disease Control: Right now 5.8 million Americans over age 65 live with Alzheimer's disease."

And that number could double by 2050, according to Kansas State University Extension Food Scientist Karen Blakeslee. However, she said there are things many of us can do to delay, reduce or even help prevent the effects of Alzheimer's and dimension. At Tufts University, researchers followed the diets and medical happenings of almost 3000 people for 20 years.  

And the remarkable result?

"Those that did consume frequent vegetables that were high in flavonoid compounds were at least 50% less likely to get dementia or show the signs of it," Blakeslee said.

Flavonoid are compounds painting in the dark pigments of foods like peaches, berries, tomatoes, red cabbage, onions, kale, dark green vegetables like broccoli and also tea, red wine and dark chocolate. They were already known to help reduce risks of cancer and heart disease now we can add Alzheimer's to that list.

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