A wolf from the Horseshoe Pack was trapped and lethally removed on Thursday.  According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the uncollared juvenile male was found November 3rd on private land in Umatilla County where previous depredations occurred.  The Department said despite non-lethal measures in place, including camping with their cattle and hazing, this landowner continued to report chronic livestock depredation by the Horseshoe Pack this summer and requested a lethal removal permit earlier this fall.  ODFW granted the permit to stop further depredations.  This is the second wolf to be removed from the Horseshoe pack in a week, an uncollared yearling female was killed in the same area October 29th. 



The producer’s permit was scheduled to expire November 18th but is now no longer active because all three wolves authorized to be lethally removed under the permit have been taken.  USDA Wildlife Services has removed or deactivated all their traps on the landowner’s property.  Cattle remain in this area, so the permit may be re-issued if there are additional depredations.


The last reported depredation by the Horseshoe Pack occurred October 16th.


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