For the second time in the past two weeks, a wolf from the Horseshoe Pack has been killed.  According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the wolf was trapped on private land in Umatilla County Saturday.  ODFW says despite non-lethal measures, such as camping with the cattle and hazing, this producer had experienced chronic livestock depredations by the Horseshoe pack.  The trapped wolf was an uncollared yearling female.


After this removal, based on recent trail camera photos, a minimum of five wolves remain in the pack, including one pup.  Whenever trapping is authorized for the removal of wolves, protocols, agents, and equipment must be approved by ODFW. For example, only traps suitable for wolves and that allow for the safe release of non-target wildlife may be used. 


ODFW adds the producer’s lethal removal permit allows for one more wolf to be removed.  That permit is valid until November 18th.


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