After 30 years, the Washington state Department of Agriculture’s Organic program is looking at making a few changes.  WSDA’s Brenda Book said they are looking to modernize the WSDA organic logo, which has not changed since the program started three decades ago.


“And actually simplify it, we have multiple logos out there, depending on the type of operation.  So, we’ve combine them all into one organic logo, that we’re offering in both a black and white version, as well as a colored version, to help folks actually market those certified organic products.”


Book said the Organic Program is also looking at restructuring their fees.  She noted the program does not receive tax dollars, so to make sure they are bringing in enough to keep the organic program viable.


“Just to make sure we are fully recouping the costs of providing those certification services," Book noted.  As time goes on, our business needs change and the cost of doing business has increased and we’re looking to catch up as well as to restructure the fees in a way that makes it more simplified for operations and more streamlined.”


But, before changes to the logo or fee structures take place, the WSDA wants to hear from you.  To submit written comments, visit the WSDA’s Website.


Additional details of the proposed changes for the WSDA organic Programs can be found Here.  In 2002, the WSDA Organic Program received USDA accreditation and shifted from oversight of a state standard to enforcing the federal organic regulations.



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