According to NASS, winter wheat seedings across the Northwest are up slightly from last year.  Oregon farmers planted 790,000 acres of winter wheat for the 2023, an 8% increase from this time last year.  Idaho growers seeded 770,000 acres, unchanged from 2022, but 8% above the 2021 crop.  Washington’s winter wheat growers planted an estimated 1.80 million acres for harvest this year, which is down 3% year-over-year, but 3% higher than 2021’s numbers.


Hard Red Winter wheat seeded area is expected to total 25.3 million acres nationwide, up 10% from 2022.  Planted acreage is up from last year across most of the growing region. The largest increase in planted acreage is estimated in Texas, while North Dakota and South Dakota are estimated to be unchanged.


Soft Red Winter wheat seeded area totals 7.90 million acres, up 20% year-over-year.  Compared with last year, the largest acreage increases are expected in Illinois and Missouri, while the largest acreage decreases are expected in Georgia and Wisconsin.


White Winter wheat seeded area totals 3.73 million acres, up 3% from 2022. Seeding was virtually complete in the region by the end of October. 


Nationwide, winter wheat growers increased acreage by 11% from 2022.


attachment-Winter Wheat Plantings January 2023


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